General Dentistry


When over half of the tooth structure has broken off, is destroyed by a cavity, has fractures, or following a root canal, a simple filling will increase the chance of breakage, so a full coverage crown is the necessary treatment to make the tooth stronger.


If you have a small cavity, we treat the tooth by removing the decayed part and replacing it with a filling to restore it to its natural form and function. This prevents further decay and helps avoid a root canal, crown or extraction.

Root Canal

If a cavity grows deep into the nerve of the tooth, the nerve can get infected and root canal therapy is necessary to make the tooth healthy and pain free again. Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful, but they can be pain free and take care of the pain right away.

Tooth Extraction

Our preference is always to save a tooth, but if a tooth is severely decayed, has severe gum infection, or is broken beyond repair, a tooth extraction is the only treatment option. We make it as painless as possible.