Preventative Treatment

Dental Sealants

Placing sealants is a simple dental procedure which has been shown to greatly reduce cavity risk in the grooves of back teeth by 70%. Sealants are impenetrable to food particles and plaque and are very beneficial to both children and adults.

Digital X-Rays

Because your safety, comfort, and convenience is important to us, we use advanced Digital X-Ray technology in our office to detect dental issues that cannot be found during a visual exam. Digital X-Rays provide high quality detailed images instantly and emit less radiation than traditional film X-Rays.


Professional topical fluoride treatment helps strengthen the tooth’s enamel, making it more resistant to acids and bacteria.  It is a very safe effective agent for preventing tooth decay.  Fluoride has been shown to reduce cavity risk by 75% and can even reduce tooth sensitivity on roots that are exposed due to gum recession, clenching and grinding.

Gum Measurements

At your initial visit, we will evaluate the appearance of your gums as well as take measurements to determine the presence or absence of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to premature tooth loss and even effect your overall health.

Intraoral Camera

Like Digital X-Rays, digital photographs with our intraoral camera are a useful diagnostic and patient education tool. Through the use of a tiny camera attached to a hand-held wand, we can show you incredibly clear pictures of your teeth and gums.